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Most vacationers may be sceptical about buying a skip property in Switzerland when they ski only about once or twice every year. There has been rapid growth in popularity of ski property over the last few years. A possible explanation for this it that booking in the best resorts can be rather difficult during peak times such as February, as it would be quite difficult. A ski property in the country is one property that can prove to be a good investment as the owner can get attractive rental rates during a skiing season. In addition, prices in good Alps locations have generally risen faster that seaside or rural properties due to constrained further development and limited supply. Below is a guide for those who wish to buy ski apartment in Switzerland.

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What to Buy

By purchasing his or her own place on the pistes, a person can pick the weeks they wish at the resort they like, while at the same time making a decent return by letting the property when they are not there. Most buyers opt for an apartment located in a purpose-built development within a ski resort. Ski lodges are known to be compact as the idea is to maximise one's time on the slopes while keeping the costs down. Therefore, a typical studio sleeps two occupants a one-bedroom apartment accommodates four, and so on. Particularly, apart-hotels are a good option given that there is a skilled lettings management located at the site. However, one should not expect a big garden or a kitchen.


Access is among the first issues to consider. Some resorts located in these Alps are over three fours from the main airport in Geneva, something that may be a major turn-off for many tourists. Another issue to put into consideration is the resort's snow record. The higher the height above sea level, the better as any place 2000 meters and above is pretty dependable. It is also important to have proximity to a ski lift nearby, together with the total ski area that the owner can connect to. A vital tip involves looking out for resorts located at a place with big infrastructure investment plans, or one with less fashionable villages and towns that are connected to a big ski area.

What to Look Out For

The term 'Ski in, ski out' means that the owner can ski straight from his or her property without having to take a bus or trudge through snow. Ski lockers are a big plus when it comes to storing wet equipment. In addition, upmarket developments are increasing incorporating extra facilities at hand such as Jacuzzis, spas and heated pools. It is also advisable for a potential property owner to find out if the area attracts many tourists and if there is a lot to do during the summer. A 'four seasons' apartment happens to be a much more attraction option when compared to one whereby the beds are unoccupied for most of the year. It will also pay dividends to look for apartments located in less well-known areas.